Dental Treatment and Price

Dental TreatmentUnitPrice (THB)
General dentistryExamination, Treatment plan and consultationVisit200
Panoramic filmFilm600
CT scanFull mouth3,000
ImpressionFull mouth1,000
Fluoride applicationVisit500
CleaningRegular cleaningFull mouth1,000 – 1,500
Cleaning and Air flow (Heavy stain)Full mouth1,500 – 2,500
Root planningTooth500
Teeth whiteningIn-office blechingCase6,500
Home bleaching
Bleaching tray (Upper and lower)Case5,500
Bleaching gel 20%Catridge550
Desensitize gelCatridge550
Dental fillingComposite filling (tooth color)First surface800
Next surface700
Diastema closureGap1,500 – 3,000
VeneerInjectable compositeTooth3,000
Ceramic (Empress e-max)Tooth12,000
Root canal treatmentAnterior toothTooth5,000
Canine toothTooth7,000
Premolar toothTooth8,000
Molar toothTooth10,000
3rd molarTooth12,000
Incision and drainTooth2,000
Inlay / onlayCompositeTooth5,000
Crown and Bridge (Porcelain fuse to metal)Standard metal (Non-nickle)Tooth10,000
Palladium (2% gold)Tooth18,000
Semi-precious (50% gold)ToothStart from 20,000
High precious (85% gold)Tooth Start from 25,000
Crown and Bridge (All ceramic)Empress e-maxTooth12,000
Post and core build upFiberTooth3,500
CrownTemporary crownTooth3,000
Crown removalTooth3,000
Temporary cementationTooth1,000
Permanent cementationTooth1,500
Removable dentureResin base denture (1st tooth)Plate3,500
Metal frame denture (1st tooth)Plate10,000
Flexible denture (1st tooth)Plate5,500
PEEK (1st tooth)ชิ้น18,000
Acrylic resin full dentureJaw15,000
Additional tooth on denture plateTooth1,000
Tooth color denture claspPiece800
Repair dentureAcrylic basePlate1,000
Additional tooth (1st tooth)Tooth1,500
Reline / RebasePlate2,000
Tooth extractionSimple tooth extractionTooth1,000 – 1,500
Wisdom (impacted) tooth removalTooth2,500 – 4,000
Embedded tooth removalTooth4,000 – 8,000
Oral surgeryTorectomyArea4,000
Sinus liftAreaStart from 15,000
Bone graftAreaStart from 15,000
Crown lengtheningArea5,000
Gingival graft / VestibuloplastyAreaStart from 4,000
Dental implantImplant with single zirconia crown (Korea: Dentium)Tooth35,000
Implant with single zirconia crown (Europe: Ankylos/ Neodent/ Neodent)Tooth45,000
Implant with single zirconia crown (Europe: Straumann BLX)Tooth95,000
2 Implant with 3 unit bridges (Korea)Case80,000
2 Implant with 3 unit bridges (Europe)Case110,000
2 Implant (Dentium) retained full denture with locator (Upper or Lower) (Include denture) Case55,000
4 Implant (Dentium) retained full denture with locator (Upper or Lower) (Include denture) Case90,000
All-on-4 with full mouth fixed bridgeCaseStart from 250,000
All-on-6 with full mouth fixed bridgeCaseStart from 290,000
Implant only (Korea)Tooth20,000
Implant only (Europe)ToothStart from 30,000
Abutment and crownToothStart from 20,000
OrthodonticsMetal bracesCase (Start)40,000
Tooth color (clear) bracesCase60,000
Damon clearCase90,000
 Invisalign Express (7 Aigners)Upper or Lower45,000
 Invisalign Express (7 Aligners)Full mouth65,000
 Invisalign Lite (14 Aligners)Upper or Lower80,000
 Invisalign Lite (14 Aligners)Full mouth100,000
 Invisalign Moderate (26 Aligners)Upper or Lower120,000
 Invisalign Moderate (26 Aligners)Full mouth140,000
 Invisalign FullCase160,000
Vivera retainer (3 set)18,000
Night guardUnit3,000