Veneer can use to correct teeth shape, color, and alignment to make a perfect smile.

We offer 2 types of veneer

1. Composite veneer: It is the same material for a tooth filling. It looks almost the same as natural teeth, but it is less durable than ceramic veneer.

2. Ceramic veneer: It looks as natural as your natural tooth. It has high strength and durable.

Q: What is the procedure for veneer.

A: For composite veneer, it can be done in 1 visit, this may take about 1-2 hours.

For ceramic veneer, it takes 2 visits to complete the treatment.

For the first visit, after consultation and planning, the dentist will make small teeth preparation and takes teeth impression. The patient will have temporary veneers back home. After 5-7 days, the dentist will make an appointment for the cementation of veneers.

Q: Can veneer correct all my teeth problem?

A: Veneer can help correct these conditions

1. Closure of diastema or spacing between your teeth

2. Abnormal tooth shape

3. Abnormal tooth coloration that cannot be treated by teeth whitening

4. Slightly misalignment of teeth

5. Small tooth fracture

Q: What is the benefit of veneer?

A: It will give you a new re-design perfect natural smile.

Q: How can I taking care of veneer?

A: You can clean veneer as your regular routine oral care. Try to avoid all hard food such as ice, nut, pecans, etc..

Treatment time for veneer

Composite veneer takes 1 visit, approximately 1-2 hours.

Ceramic veneer takes 2 visit, approximately 5-7 day apart.

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