Simple extraction

For the teeth that are visible and easy access in the mouth, performed under local anesthesia using only the instrument to elevate and removed the teeth.

What to do after extraction?

1. Keep firm pressure of gauze pad on the extracted area about 1 hour or depending on the amount of bleeding. Some slight bleeding for 2-3 days is normal.

2. Take the pain killer after the bleeding stops.

3. During the first 24 hours, do not rinse to keep the blood clot in the extracted site to help stop the bleeding faster. Do not use a mouthwash that contained alcohol during the 1st week.

4. Apply ice-pack during the first 3 days to help decrease the swelling, after that use warn-pack.

5. Avoid exercise for 12-24 hours, it is normal for the area to be tender for the first few days.

6. Avoid alcohol and smoking, it can affect the healing process.

Treatment time for simple extraction

            Depends on the position of the tooth, approximately 15 minutes

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