Dental implant

Our implantologist is offered the best implant treatment plan that suits each patient wish to restore their missing teeth. Including

Single tooth replacement

Bridge on dental implant

An implant-supported or retained removable denture

All on 4 / 6

Implant placement surgery

implant surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It is a minor surgery that takes about 30 -60 minutes. The implant will need to wait for the osseointegration for 2-6 months before placing the final crown or prosthesis.

There are 3 main approached to place the implant.

1. Immediately after tooth extraction

2. Delayed placement: approximately 2 weeks after tooth extraction

3. Late placement: approximately 3 months after tooth extraction

The time of implant placement depends on various conditions in each patient cases.

The first important factor is to have enough bone in the jaw and strong enough to support the dental implant. In the case with not enough bone, the patients may need bone grafting or sinus lifting before or together with implant placement.

The second factor is the supporting soft tissue around implant placement area. If the gingiva tissue is too thin, the patients may need gingival grafting before or after implant placement.

Treatment time for dental implant

Number of visit will depends on the complexity of each patient case.

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