These are the early sign of gingivitis from plaque accumulation; it indicates that you need a dental cleaning.

1. Red and swelling gum, bleeding during brushing

2. Gum recession and sensitivity

3. Bad breath

4. Yellowish teeth colored

5. Teeth mobility

The accumulation of calculus for a long time will cause a periodontal disease which results in severe tooth mobility and fall-off

Treatment time for teeth cleaning

It depends on the amount of calculus, approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: When should I start teeth cleaning?

A: It should begin when the first tooth appears in your mouth.

Q: how often should I do teeth cleaning?

A: every 3 to 6 months

Q: Are teeth cleaning harm my teeth?

A: During teeth cleaning, the dentist will clean out all the plaque, calculus, and staining on the teeth surface only. It does not harm your teeth.

Q: Does regular teeth cleaning has any effect on my teeth?

A: Normally after teeth cleaning, you could feel some sensitivity, but it will be better and resolved in a few days.

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